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What to Expect

3D Render of elements from the death bur
Image by Jametlene Reskp



Corporate Worship is the outward expression of our love and thanks for God.

You have an invitation heaven to come and worship the King of Kings, soak in His presence, and deeply encounter Him.

As we Worship Jesus in complete abandon, the incense of our praise rises up as a sweet smelling aroma.

We touch God and God touches us Spirit-to-spirit. 

God is building a people of power and praise. We are advancing to bring heaven to earth.

We hook on to the Prophetic Word; which is the on-time Word from God sent to address your situation to bring about lasting transformation.

You'll encounter an avalanche of love, joy, peace, hope, healing, restoration, power, glory, and celebration!

So sit or stand, relax and encounter God!

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