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   We  Love Jesus


We L   ve you

                                 The Vision

                Believing in God’s Word and Spirit

     To build a church with city and national impact which is exalting the values of the kingdom of God above other values, thereby raising men of integrity, power and exploits for our God.

Our Mission

Molding believers, influencing the world

To make disciples of all Nations by taking Believers from:

  • Babyhood to Adulthood

  • Infantile Christianity to Maturity in Christ

  • Irrelevance to Significance

  • Being Sunday Church goers to having a "Sent" mentality that looks to advance God's Kingdom in our domain of influence.

Our Responsibility

  • To unite, pray, give and show responsibility for the fulfilment and successful implementation of the Vision;

  • To render honour and respect to those who have rule over us;

  • To be productive and relevant in our attitude and thoughts; always striving for excellence in everything we do;

  • To make the Christ of the Bible,  our Lord by developing a devotional and faith lifestyle, whereby we partake of the blessings of salvation; and

  • To establish high ethical and moral standards, where integrity, discipline and accountability are our watchwords.

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